US elections 2020 : “Clear pressure to overturn the will of the people”, “Hard to imagine worse”: Republican criticizes Trump’s behavior

The behavior of Donald Trump, still refusing to recognize his defeat, is reacting. And this, even in the ranks of his own party. Mitt Romney, presidential candidate in 2012, strongly condemned the attitude of the current tenant of the White House, this Thursday, November 19 in a statement posted on Twitter. “After failing to provide a single plausible proof of legal fraud, the President has now resolved to exert clear pressure on the national and local authorities to reverse the will of the people and overturn the election,” he said. writes the one who has always been very critical of the current head of state.

The Republican senator strongly criticized the current situation and the blockage observed in the transition of power. “It’s hard to imagine worse and more undemocratic action from a sitting US president,” he continued.

Tensions had already erupted earlier this week within the Republican Party. The tone was thus raised between the state secretary of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, and the senator of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, on the subject of the results of the presidential election.

Faced with Donald Trump’s refusal to recognize his defeat, some of his former and current collaborators have also decided to act behind his back, trying to start the transition process with Joe Biden’s team. But so far, everything has been done with the utmost discretion to avoid retaliation. The exchanges were therefore limited to a few informal discussions and e-mails. A first step that however welcomed Biden’s team, even if it deemed it insufficient. “Ensuring a smooth transition of power takes more steps than just those of former officials who want to step forward and make themselves useful,” Kate Bedingfield, member of Biden’s transition team, told ..