US elections 2020 : The relief can be seen in the congratulations to the new president

The announcement by the mainstream American media of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential game caused a veritable avalanche of congratulations. As if most leaders around the world are waiting for the slightest signal to rush to close the Trump parenthesis – and thus ensure that it does not continue. On the contrary, they have not shown many considerations with regard to the reservations expressed by Donald Trump himself, for whom the election has not yet delivered its verdict.

French President Emmanuel Macron was among the first on Saturday to congratulate Joe Biden on his election as President of the United States. “Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris !, he tweeted. We have a lot to do to meet today’s challenges. Let’s act together!”

Transatlantic partnership

The majority of European leaders subsequently adopted the same cheerful tone. German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the victory of Joe Biden. “I wish her luck and success with all my heart,” said the manager. “Our transatlantic friendship is irreplaceable if we want to overcome the great challenges of our time,” she added, as if to signify that she hoped for a return to more peaceful relations between members of NATO. This, moreover, is the meaning of the message sent by the two main officials of the European institutions, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the Commission and Charles Michel, the President of the Council. “The EU is ready to commit to a solid transatlantic partnership. Covid-19, multilateralism, climate and international trade are challenges to be tackled together,” Charles Michel tweeted.

The same satisfaction tinged with hope in Belgium. Congratulating the new American presidential ticket, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) underlined the presence, alongside Joe Biden, of Kamala Harris in whom he sees “a great example and an important role model for young girls through the world, proving to them that girls and boys have the same rights and the same opportunities “. Even the English Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, with whom Joe Biden had rather tense exchanges recently, went there with his congratulatory tweet. “The United States is our most important allies and I look forward to cooperating closely on our common priorities, from climate change to trade and defense,” he said.

Outside of Europe, congratulatory messages were not lacking either. Perhaps the most enthusiastic message comes from India. The Prime Minister congratulated Joe Biden, but also Kamala Harris whose mother is of Indian origin.

Putin’s silence

The tone was more contained but no less loaded with hope in Iran. “The future US government now has an opportunity to make up for past mistakes and return to the path of adhering to international commitments and respect for international law,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, referring to the denunciation of the nuclear deal by Donald Trump’s team.

The praising tone of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s message “to his 40-year-old friend” – who had supported candidate Trump during the campaign – was arguably even more forced. But at least the Israeli leader sent him one. On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was still not the case, clearly unwilling to congratulate a man considered by some in Russia to be more “dangerous” than his predecessor.VR (With .)