US elections 2020 : US presidential election: Joe Biden will announce the first members of his future government on Tuesday

“You will see the first appointments of the government of the president-elect on Tuesday of this week,” Biden’s future chief of staff said on ABC, without specifying the portfolios concerned or some of the names.

“We will have to wait for the president-elect to do it himself on Tuesday,” he said.

Ron Klain, a veteran 59-year-old Democrat, had been the former vice president’s first chief of staff, starting in 2009.

Mr. Biden has already appointed several close advisers who will surround him in the White House, but suspense persists for his government which promises to be diverse and feminized.

Joe Biden, who has promised a “government that represents America”, continues the installation of his transition team, despite the multiple legal actions of Donald Trump’s lawyers, who so far refuses to recognize his defeat in the ballot November 3.

This attitude is “harmful”, denounced Ron Klain, “but that will not change the result of what will happen on January 20 at noon, Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States”.