US elections 2020 : US presidential election: what do the latest results say?

As expected, Donald Trump won the three Grand Voters in the state of Alaska. This result is not important for the final result, however, since Joe Biden has already won more than 270 voters and is sure to become the next President of the United States.

According to . and NBC News, three-quarters of the votes were counted in Alaska. Trump is nearly 57% and Biden 39%. The Republican candidate can therefore no longer be mathematically overtaken by the Democrat.

The US election research agency Edison Research further announces that Republican Senator Dan Sullivan will be re-elected in Alaska. In this way, ensuring at least half of the seats in the Senate for the Republican Party. It is the State of Georgia which will finally determine next January who will obtain the majority in the Senate because if the two senators of this State are Democrats, the 50-50 will benefit Joe Biden’s camp since the future vice-president Kamala Harris will hold the decisive vote.

It should therefore be noted that there are still three states whose results are expected for the presidential election:

-> The North Carolina: Trump leads with 50.1% against 48.7% for Biden, 99% of the ballots were counted there.

-> The Georgia: Biden is leading there with 49.5% against 49.2% for Trump, 99% of the ballots were counted there.

-> TheArizona: Biden is leading there with 49.4% against 49.1% for Trump, 99% of the ballots were counted there.