US elections 2020 : Will Trump accept the election result? His spokesperson is not reassuring: “He will make a decision after the fact”

Donald Trump has been accusing postal voting for weeks of fraud. A system that will most certainly be put in place during the presidential elections in November due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the president, postal voting could only lead to rigged elections and massive electoral fraud. Words in which he firmly believes, since he even made it known that he was thinking of postponing the elections until the health crisis stabilizes. In this same state of mind, he even refused to grant an additional budget to the American postal service which would have been essential to ensure the timely collection of all remote votes.

For the opposition, such behavior is a plot to be able to stay in power longer, because it would simply be afraid of losing the next election. Many personalities have also expressed their dissatisfaction with this situation, such as Barack Obama or even the singer Taylor Swift.

“The law is powerless”

Today, the situation does not seem to have improved. In a recent press conference, Donald Trump’s spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany said he will not accept the November election results if he does not win them. “The president always said he would see what happened and make a decision after the fact,” she said. Such remarks sow concern, what will happen if Donald Trump loses the election but refuses to accept his defeat? “All the imagined scenarios ended in both street violence and by a political impasse, “professor Rosa Brooks told the political newspaper The Globe. She added that “the law is almost powerless against a president who is ready to ignore it.”