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Sony Playstation 5 :

He Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) of the United States, the agency charged with protecting the environment, has measured the power consumption involved in playing PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and has published its results, ensuring that both consume between 160 and 200 watts when used, a figure considerably higher than that of its predecessors and that of a 60-inch television. Similarly, the North American body has commented that when the consoles are in Sleep Mode they only consume one watt or less.

The high cost of consuming PS5 and Xbox Series X

However, have also warned that the Xbox Series X’s instant-on feature could end up resulting in about 500 megawatts a year, a high figure that could end up costing players an unexpected increase in their electricity bills, which is why they recommend not using it to save on energy consumption. In fact, they estimate that two-thirds of console users use this feature.

On the other hand, They also comment that the consumption of both PS5 and Xbox Series X reaches their highest peaks when we play new generation titles, but it drops considerably when we use them to enjoy titles from past consoles with their backward compatibility possibilities. The positive note in this whole thing is put by Xbox Series S, a platform that consumes much less energy, especially when we use it to play.

In addition, They also wanted to warn that watching television applications and video on demand on the console consumes more than if we do it through devices such as Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick. To be more specific, they consume between 30 and 70 watts, that is, between 10 and 25 times more than the devices we have mentioned.

Finally, the NRDC wanted to advise Sony and Microsoft to study the consumption habits of gamers, check out how you use the console energy saving options and promote their use to raise awareness.

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