US presidential election: Supreme Court rejects appeal by Pennsylvania Republicans – .

In Pennsylvania, the Republican camp sought to overturn the postal vote through an appeal that the Supreme Court decided to overturn on Tuesday, December 8.

Supreme Court refuses to be involved in election results

The Supreme Court of the United States on Tuesday rejected an appeal by the Republicans of Pennsylvania which sought to cancel more than 2 million postal ballots and in the process, to block the certification of electoral results in this state, reports 20 minutes.

By rejecting this appeal from the Republican camp, the highest American judicial body indicates that it refuses to be involved in the results of the American presidential and the outcome of the ballot. As a reminder, each state in the United States, with a local and independent judicial system, is perfectly able to decide the election results.

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The State of Texas filed a complaint

In parallel, the Texas decided on Tuesday to go directly to the Supreme Court of United States to file a complaint against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin.

According to the complainant state, these four states have adopted changes to facilitate postal voting, an action the state of Texas deems unconstitutional. For their part, several legal experts believe that the texas remedies will not be successful either.

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