USA :Andrea Bocelli: his comments on Covid-19 in Italy are controversial

Famous tenor Andrea Bocelli has expressed doubts about the severity of the new coronavirus. His words go badly with the Italians.

“(…) Why so much gravity?”

Andrea Bocelli participated, Monday July 27, in the conference “Covid-19 in Italy, between information, science and rights”. During his speech, the 61-year-old Italian tenor downplayed the severity of the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

“(…) I know a lot of people, but I’ve never known anyone who has been in intensive care, so why so serious?” He said.

According to Andrea Bocelli, relayed by Paris Match, his children were the first to attack him when he expressed doubts about the severity of Covid-19.

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Misunderstood in the Senate

New coronavirus killed 35,112 people in Italy. Indeed, Italy is the most bereaved country in Europe after the United Kingdom. Thus, the words of the sixty-year-old go badly with the Italians.

“(…) Let me introduce you to a friend of mine who had a lung transplant at 18 because of the Covid”, criticized the rapper Fedez on his Twitter account.

After the controversy, the Italian tenor claimed to have been misunderstood in the Senate. According to Mr Bocelli, his foundation had provided assistance to people affected by Covid-19.

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