USA :Attention call to Mariló Montero for lack of impartiality

The Andalusian Audiovisual Council (CAA) tugs at the autonomous channel, Canal Sur, in its latest report for the coverage of this coronavirus crisis, in which it has received multiple complaints about the lack of impartiality and objectivity in various practices not recommended by its code of ethics. The worst stop of the chain and which is alluded to is the presenter Mariló Montero, accused of abusing “partiality and editorial tendency in his interventions and questions in the news.”

The Voice of the South: the quantitative and the qualitative. “data-reactid =” 34 “> There are two branches present in this study, as reported by La Voz del Sur: the quantitative and the qualitative.

The focus on Mariló Montero

Given this, the CAA advises to respect what the RTVA style book marks and, at the same time, the indicators and the methodology to evaluate the informative impartiality of the publicly owned audiovisual media, which is precisely set by the Council.

a detailed resolution in this regard. “data-reactid =” 62 “> Especially, the controversy with Mariló Montero comes from analyzing his interview last March 30 to the mayor of Jaén, Julio Millán Muñoz, from the PSOE. The town hall itself presented the complaint the CAA, which issued a detailed resolution in this regard.

However, the presenter’s questions, included in the resolution, were as follows:

1- In what situation is Jaén in terms of those affected by Covid19?

2- You are one of the most indebted municipalities, you have been monitored by the central government for 9 years. How is this situation affecting you being so indebted and having to face this moment of economic hibernation? (He asks about some liquidity measures requested from the Government of Spain: Do you mean the letter you sent to the Minister? Have you answered him?

3- Pablo Casado was saying that Pedro Sánchez is lying. Do you think that the Prime Minister is lying, that he lied even with the World Bank or when he refers that he always makes decisions regarding specialists?

4- Would you have encouraged the BM’s demonstrations?

5- Have you received the liquidity that the Government of Spain promised for the neediest people that you have in the city?

That is part of the conclusion that has been reached and that justify the complaints about the presenter, according to the CAA, to which he adds that “some questions increase in informative value, something that conflicts with the objective of a media outlet that it is public, which is to inform and carry out public service work ”.

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