USA :Australia: Facebook and Google must pay for media content

Australia will be the first country to force Google and Facebook to pay news groups for their content.

Towards the protection of independent journalism

This Friday, July 31, theAustralia announced that she was going to oblige Facebook and Google to pay the country’s press groups for their content. As Franceinfo reports, this decision is part of a system inspired by the license fee. It will be promulgated into law during this year.

According to the Secretary of the Treasury, Josh frydenberg, this approach aims to protect independent journalism. “It’s about making sure we have increased competition, better consumer protection, and a sustainable media landscape,” he explained.

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Anger at Google

America’s digital giants are currently facing pressure from many countries in connection with stricter regulations. In Google, this approach of theAustralia falls badly.

In 2019, the Australian government had already asked Google and Facebook to find an agreement with the press groups to use their content, reports Franceinfo. Unfortunately, no agreement has been reached. A 45-day deadline has been issued by Canberra to complete a deal. Otherwise, the Australian regulator will set the terms of the “code of conduct”.

“This sends the worrying message to businesses and investors that the Australian government will interfere instead of letting the market work,” a Google executive for the region said in a statement.

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