USA :British Airways: pilots temporarily lower their wages to reduce layoffs

In order to limit the number of redundancies to 270, the pilots of the airline British Airways have agreed to reduce their wages by 20%. This is a temporary measure.

Dismissal of 1,255 pilots

The new pandemic coronavirus has collapsed the airline industry, like many other industries around the world. To avoid bankruptcy, many Airlines companies have taken the decision to lay off some of their employees.

The airline company British Airways (BA), which employs 4,300 pilots, was considering the dismissal 1,255 of them to rehire others, but on lesser terms. At the end of April, it planned to cut 12,000 jobs, or a quarter of its workforce, reports Le Figaro.

Lower pilots’ salaries

The Balpa pilots union (British Airline Pilots Association), announced this Saturday, August 1, that the British Airways pilots approved a plan which provides for the temporary reduction of their wages by 20%. The aim is to limit the number of layoffs dry weather forecast by the airline.
“Our members took a pragmatic decision under the circumstances, but it is a bitter disappointment that we failed to persuade BA to avoid any forced dismissal,” said Balpa General Secretary Brian Strutton.

The plan was adopted by 85% of union members. Moreover, this pay cut will last at least two years, before a return to normal, reports Le Figaro.

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Hundreds of jobs saved

A BA spokesperson expressed his gratitude to the union and the entire airline company, in this difficult period. “This agreement will save hundreds of jobs,” he added.

BA’s competitors, such as Virgin Atlantic, Ryanair or Easyjet, have also announced the elimination of thousands of positions. A study reported 70,000 employees at risk within three months in the airline industry, United Kingdom.

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