USA :CCOO condemns the murder of a woman in Terrassa by her brother

Barcelona, ​​Aug 23 . .- The CCOO union has denounced the murder of a woman allegedly by her brother in Terrassa (Barcelona) and has insisted on asking that the defense of women’s rights become a matter of State.

The crime occurred at around 9.15 pm this Saturday inside the family home, located on Josep Tarradellas Avenue, where the man mortally attacked his sister with a knife, according to sources close to the case have detailed to Efe.

As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), the detainee for this crime has a history of family violence, since, in relation to the sister whom he allegedly killed, he accepted a sentence of six months in prison – which were suspended in exchange for their admission to a detoxification center-, as well as six months away from the woman, for mistreatment and minor threats in an episode that occurred on May 1, 2019.

In a statement, CCOO has shown its “outrage” for this crime and has asked that the public powers recognize the fight for women’s rights and to eradicate sexist violence as a “matter of State”, with the aim of building a society in which women “can live free from any type of violence.”

The 46-year-old detainee, a Spanish national and a resident of Terrassa, will go to court in the next few days before the guard court of this town, accused of a crime of homicide.