USA :child malnutrition worsens, warns Unicef ​​- .

The economic and social crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic is having a hard impact on the situation of vulnerable populations. All over the world, child malnutrition is on the rise.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to progress

Appeared in China at the end of 2019, the new coronavirus affects the whole world today. More than 650,000 deaths linked to this virus have been recorded since, according to the official report established on July 28. But as the pandemic continues to accelerate inexorably, several countries have decided to tighten the restrictions.

The situation worsens child malnutrition

In 2019, 47 million children around the world were already feeling the effects of malnutrition. Yet theUnicef said in a study released on Tuesday that around seven million more children could be affected by the Covid-19.

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“The rate of malnutrition will increase”

The executive director ofUnicefHenrietta Fore cited some of the consequences of the crisis: rising poverty and food insecurity, destabilizing food supply chains, but also rising food costs. For these reasons, the rate of malnutrition soaring and children’s diets decline in quality.

Researchers fear “intergenerational consequences”

The UNICEF was based on an analysis published by the medical journal The Lancet. Researchers have sounded the alarm bells on the effects of malnutrition linked to coronavirus pandemic on children, fearing that it will harm their “growth and development”. They believe: “The profound impact of the pandemic … on the nutrition of younger children could have intergenerational consequences.”

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