USA :China registers 49 new cases, four more than the previous day

Beijing, Aug 2 (EFE) .- China registered 49 new confirmed cases of coronaviruses on Saturday, compared to 45 the previous day, 33 of them locally in outbreaks in the western region of Xinjiang and the northeast province of Liaoning, and the rest from abroad, the National Health Commission reported today.

These data represent a slight rebound compared to that of Friday, although they remain below those registered the previous three days, when the hundred cases were well exceeded.

Among the 33 contagions at the local level, 30 were detected in Xinjiang and 3 in Liaoning, while among the imported four, they were in the southwestern province of Sichuan, three in Shandong (east), three in Hubei (center), two in Guangzhou ( south), two in Shaanxi (northwest), one in Shanghai (east) and one in Fujian (southeast).

There were no new deaths or suspicious cases.

Fourteen patients were discharged and 145 contacts close to those infected were no longer under medical observation.

Serious cases were reduced by three, and assets stood at 748, 36 of them serious, among the 84,385 infections registered since the start of the pandemic, which has caused 4,634 deaths in China.

91 imported cases are still active, three of them serious, of the 2,085 detected so far, among which there were no deaths.

Regarding asymptomatic infections -which China does not consider confirmed cases-, 20 new ones were registered on Saturday, nine of them imported, while four asymptomatic cases were added to the confirmed list.

257 asymptomatic cases remain under medical observation, 101 of them from abroad.

Infections in the Hong Kong special region rise to 3,396, which have caused 31 deaths, while in Taiwan they are at 474, with seven deaths.

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