USA :Coronavirus in Peru: Children climb hill to follow school remotely

For lack of a telephone network, children in Peru are forced to reach a hill and thus benefit from the “learning at home” program set up by the Ministry of Education.

Looking for a mobile network

Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, the Ministry of Education in Peru ordered the closure of schools. A program called “learning at home” was then set up so that the children could continue to follow distance learning courses. However, this device is not accessible to all Peruvian children due to the lack of a telephone network. To have a mobile network and to continue studying, Roxana, 16, Alberto 15, Juan Carlos 13 and Alvaro, 10, then climbed a steep hill in the Andes mountain range every day, reports 20 Minutes.

Distance dictated courses

The situation is more complicated in Conaviri, a remote commune in Peru, located an hour and a half from the city of Puno bordering Lake Titicaca. Indeed, the network for mobile telephony can only be accessed by climbing to the top of a mountain. The mother gave a hand to her children to continue their education, while her husband Juan Cabrera, a shepherd, took care of the cattle. Every morning, Mery Quispe Achata, a schoolteacher from Conaviri called the children on their cell phone or by WhatsApp and then dictated the lessons to them remotely.

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