USA :Coronavirus patients in Madrid hospitals tripled in 10 days

Madrid, Aug 15 . .- The number of patients admitted for covid-19 in public and subsidized hospitals in Madrid was 777 yesterday, of them 11 percent (86) in ICU, almost three times more than ten ago days, when there were 271, with 240 in the ward and 31 in the ICU, and October 12 is still the hospital with the most admitted, 105 yesterday, according to data collected by the Association for the Defense of Public Health (ADSP).

The 12 de Octubre hospital is followed in number of patients with coronavirus by Gregorio Marañón, with 76 patients, eight of them in the ICU, and Ramón y Cajal, with 46, of which there are three in the ICU.

The Móstoles hospital yesterday registered 38 cases in the ward and 5 in the ICU, according to the accounting that doctors from hospitals in Madrid are keeping, since the Ministry of Health is not giving detailed figures by hosESPAÑpital although it has indicated that each hospital has its own “elasticity plan that reflects the adaptations necessary for safe care of covid and non-covid patients.”

The Ramón y Cajal registered 43 admitted yesterday, of them five in the ICU, according to the same medical sources, while in the Infanta Leonor de Vallecas hospital there were 37 in the ward and three in the ICU.

A similar figure had yesterday the hospital complex formed by La Paz-Carlos III-Cantoblanco, with 37 patients in the ward and five in the ICU, and the San Carlos Clinic, with 35 patients in the ward and five in the ICU.

The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz-Escudero, indicated on Thursday that the income situation on October 12 is due to the increase in infections in certain districts of Usera, Carabanchel and Villaverde.

On October 12, along with that of Móstoles, they were the first to adopt measures such as rescheduling non-urgent surgeries, while the Getafe hospital has announced that it suspends visits from patients’ relatives, as well as companions in outpatient consultations.

At the Hospital Clínico San Carlos, the Smell Unit of the Otorhinolaryngology Service has launched a program aimed at recovering the senses of smell and taste in patients infected with covid-19, through training that consists of repeated stimulation of the olfactory route to recover the functionality lost after the disease, through a selection of smells, indicates the Community of Madrid in a statement.

Between 80 and 90 percent of symptomatic coronavirus infections suffer or have suffered a taste and smell dysfunction as another symptom of the disease, so this alteration is being of great importance in the diagnosis of this disease, and requires specialized treatment, he adds.