USA :Costa Rica seizes 915 kilos of cocaine in two police actions

San José, Aug 1 (EFE) .- The authorities of Costa Rica reported this Saturday the seizure of 915 kilos of cocaine in two offshore police actions in the South Pacific, and the capture of two Colombians, one Ecuadorian and three Costa Ricans.

The Ministry of Public Security indicated in a report that in the first case, the coastguards detected a suspicious vessel 50 kilometers from Punta Burica, in the southern part of the country, so they began a persecution that had the support of an airplane from the U.S.

“The crew upon realizing the police presence began to escape and in their attempt to flee they threw the apparent shipment of drugs into the sea. However, just three kilometers away, the coastguards intercepted the boat and detained the four crew members, in addition to recovering the drug after several maneuvers, “highlights the report.

After a review by the Drug Control Police, the experts determined that it was 415 packages weighing approximately one kilogram each of cocaine.

The boat was manned by four subjects identified as: Murillo Colorado and Orobio Mondicnero, a Colombian national, and the Ecuadorian Tigre Astudillo, all with no history in the country.

In addition, there was Dosman Espinoza, a Costa Rican, 25 years old, with a history of non-compliance with a protection measure and assault with a weapon.

The second case was detected when the US plane was back and observed a suspicious speedboat about 70 kilometers from Punta Burica.

“The coastguards located this vessel without giving them an opportunity to react, since the crew did not have time to dispose of the drug (…) After carrying out the corresponding investigations, they verified that it was 500 packages weighing approximately one kilogram of apparent cocaine each, “explained the Ministry of Security.

The detained subjects are two Costa Ricans identified as Esquivel Solís, 45, with a history of attempted murder, and Chavarria Zepeda, 42, accused of carrying an illegal weapon.

All those captured were presented to the Public Ministry as suspects of the crime of international drug trafficking, which is punished in Costa Rica with up to 20 years in prison.

Official data indicates that during 2019 Costa Rica seized 35 tons of cocaine and 9.9 tons of marijuana, record figures for the country.

Costa Rica is considered by the anti-drug authorities as a place of passage for drugs, but also for storage, operations in which Costa Ricans usually participate in alliance with foreign groups.

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