USA :Covid-19: the next stage of deconfinement postponed in England

Scheduled for this Saturday, August 1, the next phase of deconfinement will finally be postponed for at least two weeks in England.

Postponement of at least two weeks

The ice rinks, casinos, bowling or even performance halls will have to open their doors from this Saturday, August 1, in England. In addition, the wearing a mask is compulsory should be extended to cinemas, museums and places of worship.

But due to a surge in new cases of Covid-19, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on Friday the postponement of the next phase of deconfinement. He will be postponed for at least two weeks, reports Le Figaro. “With these numbers increasing, we believe that it is necessary to step on the brake pedal to keep the virus under control,” he said.

A big blow for many people

During a press conference, Boris Johnson said that this decision taken by the government will upset the plans of many people. “(…) I’m really, really sorry, but we can’t just take a risk,” he explained.

The National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) has concluded an increase in contamination with Covid-19. Le Figaro, citing the ONS, reported around 0.78 new coronavirus infections per 10,000 inhabitants in England. “What we are seeing from the ONS data and other data is that we have probably reached the limits of what we can do in terms of opening up society,” the doctor said. Chief Chris Whitty.

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