USA :Ecuador wants to open beaches with biosafety protocols and “Distance 2”

Quito, Aug 4 (EFE) .- The Emergency Operations Committee (COE) of Ecuador, in charge of dealing with the health emergency due to the coronavirus, approved the reopening of the beaches from this Wednesday with the application of the biosafety protocol ” 2 “distance to avoid crowding.

The pilot plan, which will be subject to the acceptance of the municipalities where the spas are located, seeks to ensure that national tourists accept the strict health safety regulations to avoid the spread of COVID-19, especially the distance of at least two meters.

Thirteen of the forty beaches subject to the pilot plan are located in the province of Esmeraldas (in the northwest of the country and on the border with Colombia), eight in Manabí (west), fifteen in Santa Elena (southwest), two in Guayas (southwest) and a couple in the one of El Oro (southwest and border with Peru).

Juan Zapata, director of the Integrated Security System ECU-911 and member of the COE, emphasized that it is the emergency committees (COES) of each of those jurisdictions that have the latest decision on the process of reopening the beaches.

“We still do not know how many of those cantonal COES ratify this decision. It is their legitimate right. We have asked them to notify us in a minimum of 24 hours because we must make operational and technical coordination,” added Zapata.

The authorities have suggested that the beaches that allow tourists to visit from tomorrow do so between the hours of ten in the morning and five in the afternoon.

Romel Salazar, general director of the National Risk and Emergency Service and which is also part of the COE, specified that “as part of the reopening plan, the national government will activate the ‘Distance 2’ platform, which takes advantage of the technological capacity of the ECU system- 911 “

Therefore, the control of the distance between people or family groups will be carried out through the 5,800 surveillance cameras of the ECU-911, Salazar added.

He explained that this software tracks people in public spaces and that based on analytical patterns it is determined whether or not the mandatory two-meter spacing is met.

The “Distance 2” tool has video surveillance cameras, drones and megaphones that will help provide alerts to tourists so that biosecurity measures are respected.

Tourists visiting the beaches must stay two meters away from other people who do not belong to their family group.

In addition, parasols must be placed three meters apart each, while tents, tents or beach awnings are prohibited for groups that exceed six companions.

Tourist accommodation in the jurisdictions subject to the plan have permission to attend with one hundred percent of its capacity, according to the resolution of the COE.

In addition, to support the declining tourist activity, the Ecuadorian Government applied some tax incentives for the sector, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic.

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