USA :Facebook globally blocks accounts of some Bolsonaro supporters

BRASILIA, Aug 1 (.) – Facebook said on Saturday that it globally blocked certain accounts controlled by supporters of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, involved in a fake news investigation, a day after it was fined for failing to comply with the order to a Supreme Court judge to do it.

A Facebook spokesperson said the order was “extreme” and threatened “freedom of expression outside of Brazil’s jurisdiction.”

“Given the threat of criminal liability for a local employee, at this point we see no alternative but to comply with the decision by blocking accounts worldwide, while appealing to the Supreme Court,” the spokesman said.

Judge Alexandre de Moraes ruled Thursday that Facebook and Twitter did not comply with orders to block accounts because they were only blocked within Brazil, but were still accessible with foreign IP addresses. On Friday, it ruled that Facebook must pay a fine of 1.92 million reais ($ 367,710) for non-compliance and that it will face new daily fines of 100,000 reais if it does not block the accounts in question worldwide.

(Report by Alexandre Caverni in Sao Paulo and Ricardo Brito in Brasilia; Edited in Spanish by Gabriela Donoso)