USA :Facebook: Holocaust survivors call for removal of denial content

Holocaust survivors are calling on Facebook to remove denialist content that suggests this drama never existed or that downplays its scope.

“Those who say the Holocaust never existed are calling me a liar”

In one video, nine survivors of theHolocaust share their testimonies on the existence of this tragedy. The survivors also made a request: to remove the negationist content posted on Facebook.
Among the survivors is Eva Schloss (85), Anne Frank’s half-sister, and she testified that: “When people say online that theHolocaust never happened, they say my father, sister and sixty members of my family were not murdered by the Nazis. ”Another survivor, Sidney Zoltak, who managed to escape the camps by hiding in villages in Poland, comments: “Those who say that theHolocaust did not exist call me a liar, “reports

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Facebook can’t delete negationist posts

Several groups Facebook, questioning the veracity of the Holocaust, have been identified by the anti-Semitism organization Anti Defamation League (ADL). These groups include, but are not limited to: the CODOH group or “Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust”.

Only to United States, on behalf of the freedom of expression stipulated and defended by the First Amendment of the Constitution, the negationism is not prohibited by law, Le Monde reported. In July 2018, Mark Zuckerberg, the Jewish boss of the largest social network in the world, once explained that he could not delete the denial messages posted on Facebook

A spokesperson for social network pointed out that it is possible to remove any content that “defended” theHolocaust, “tried to justify it”, “accused the victims of lying” or even a message that incited hatred or violence against Jews. But the platform does not have the right to remove content “just because it is false”.

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