USA :Few female sexuality movies

Los Angeles (USA), Aug 4 (EFE) .- Many of the movies released in recent decades about becoming an adult or exploring sexuality in youth have been told from a male perspective, therefore, the idea of ​​interpreting a confused teenager with her own body caught the attention of Natalia Dyer.

The actress, known to millions of viewers as Nancy Wheeler in the hit “Stranger Things,” stars in “Yes, God, Yes,” a comedy about a student at a Catholic institute in rural US states that begins to discover your sexuality from the 2000 AOL forums.

“It is a comedy about female reality, about sexuality in adolescence. It is not a sexy movie, it is honest, fun, with interesting conversations,” says Dyer in a phone conversation with EFE.

Dyer was in the midst of filming the fourth season of “Stranger Things” due to the coronavirus, a continuation of which “he does not know much more” but that has given him time to promote this project with which he has received applause from the review.

In the film, when a rumor begins to spread in the institute that she has carried out a sexual practice that not even she herself knows, the protagonist points to a religious course of sexual orientation in which she discovers along with the rest of her classmates one of the most uncomfortable and unknown parts of becoming an adult.


“The female journey of discovering sexuality is something that has not been told so much before,” recalls Dyer, 25.

Shame, guilt, ignorance, confusion … are several of the aspects that this film directed by Karen Maine has freshness and a certain longing for the time of the beginning of the current millennium, in the midst of the appearance of the first mobile phones, internet chats and messaging services.

“Many girls have grown up with the masculine version of this. We have many masculine perspectives, stories about becoming an adult directed by them …”, she analyzes when valuing the filmmaker’s work in a comedy very well received by critics.

When “Yes, God, Yes” was presented at last year’s SXSW festival, it won the Special Jury Prize and was considered by the specialized press as one of the festival’s best films.

A year later, the film could not be released in theaters due to the pandemic and its managers have opted for a launch on television and the Internet, platforms that have made Dyer famous since his first appearance in the Netflix series.

“It is a film that I see very apt to see in a small space, in a house. I think it can work very well, it is unconventional,” he says. “We have so much technology that it makes it easier to carry out projects.


Although the project on which it is still unknown how and when it will go ahead is the continuation of “Stranger Things”, after a successful third season that some point to as the best aired to date.

“I don’t know much more, we started filming but the quarantine has arrived. We are concerned about health, it is a job that involves many people …”, he remembers about the break in filming until further notice.

Dyer says he has read the scripts, which he considers “great”, and that the interruption of the rhythm has also left more room for the creators of one of the biggest recent television phenomena to give free rein to their imaginations.

Meanwhile, the actress has up to three projects pending parallel to the whirlwind of popularity that is “Stranger Things”.

Javier Romualdo

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