USA :France believes there is no second wave of COVID-19

Paris, Aug 24 . .- The president of the French Scientific Committee against the coronavirus, Jean-François Delfraissy, considered this Monday that the country is not experiencing a second wave of the disease, but acknowledged that the pandemic has been exacerbated by relaxation in the measures of personal distance recommended.

“We are in a fragile balance, with an increase in contamination in the month of August. NOT only in France, we see that it also increases in Spain since July and in Italy since August 15,” Delfraissy assured public radio “France Info “.

Despite this, the doctor indicated that it is not a second wave. “We are still in the first, but with a loss of social distance, perhaps because the French needed a vacation, the measures of civic distance have been lost, which is too important and cannot continue like this,” he said.

This fact “has caused an acceleration, especially in regions that had not been greatly affected during the first crisis of March, of the pandemic,” he added.

Delfraissy assured as a positive element the increase in the control tests during the summer, which allows them to control the outbreaks.

“The future is in our hands, not in the hands of the Scientific Council or the President of the Republic, in those of each one,” he said.

He gave as an example the increase in social distance measures taken in some French regions or in the Spanish city of Barcelona: “With partial confinement measures, it has been controlled. We do not have drugs or vaccines, our future is in our hands with social distance “.

The scientist indicated that there is no evidence that the virus has mutated, but pointed out that in these types of large pandemics there may be fluctuations and that its virulence attenuates over time.

Delfraissy indicated that France has to face the challenge of going back to school despite the fact that, he said, “there will be contamination from students and teachers.”

“But we are going to control it, we are going to learn to control it. We have to improve in isolation, but we have to continue with the risk management strategy, knowing that zero risk does not exist,” he said.