USA :Guatemalan sugar engineers create a mechanical ventilator for hospitals

Guatemala, Jul 30 (EFE) .- A group of Guatemalan engineers and professionals, experts in the sugar industry, produced a low-cost mechanical ventilator with the aim of assisting the country’s hospitals against COVID-19.

The Guatemalan Sugar Association (Asazgua) explained this Thursday in a press release that 35 initial units of the mechanical fan will be produced and that they will be donated to the health system of the Central American country.

The project was born on the initiative of sugar engineer Edwin Delgado, who has specialized in the industry for the past 25 years at the La Unión sugar mill.

The mechanical fan was christened “Joaquin1.0.” in honor of a deceased son of Delgado and for its manufacture he had the support of other sugar engineers from various fields, the same source said.

“These devices are depleted worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why the Joaquin1.0 ventilator will be vital in keeping patients on the road unable to breathe on their own due to the serious damage the virus causes to the lungs, “added the Guatemalan Sugar Association.

The project “was born in the heart of the sugar agribusiness”, which is in charge of its financing, including the purchase from Germany of 90 valves – without detailing costs – that function as “the engine” of the equipment, Asazgua pointed out.

The ventilator “has already been tested with certified lungs” and “is in the third phase” of testing pending controlled testing in patients starting next week.

Guatemala is the Central American country with the most deaths from COVID-19 with 1,867 confirmed deaths from the disease.

The country chaired by 64-year-old doctor and surgeon Alejandro Giammattei records 48,826 positive cases of the disease born in China and last Monday decreed the end of confinement and the “economic reopening of the country”.

The Guatemalan Ministry of Health told reporters through a spokeswoman that they currently have no information related to the mechanical ventilator produced by the sugar industry.

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