USA :”Honey Gibson”, a happy ending for the Chilean entrepreneurship that angered the actor

Chilean teacher Yohana Agurto is the living expression that every crisis can become an opportunity. With no income from the pandemic, he decided to pack honey to sell under the pun “Gibson Honey” without thinking that the very Hollywood actor whose name he wanted to emulate would complicate his SME.

Warned by the artist’s representatives about the use of the rights to her image, she received thousands of messages of support on social networks; he got an agreement for the use of the name and multiplied honey sales to such an extent that after a happy outcome he plans to quit teaching today and dedicate himself only to this business.

“It was difficult for me to obtain the money to pay for electricity and basic supplies for my home,” Yohana explained to . about the reasons that led her to start this business that today has her full-time occupation.

A single mother with four children, she stopped working as a teacher in February. In May, when he had already used up his savings, it occurred to him to sell a honey that he had accumulated in his house. To offer the product, he used an image of Mel Gibson embodying the role of William Wallace in “Braveheart” or “Braveheart” in its Latin American translation, and named his product “Honey Gibson”, as a pun, adding the phrase: “Only for brave hearts”.

Sales were going well until last week the actor’s lawyers warned him in a letter that he had 48 hours to stop using that image. He posted the story on his social media and the case exploded.

“People expressed themselves at such a level that I went from 1,200 followers to 15,000. People began to demonstrate in support of this cause that had to do with selling honey, not using someone’s image,” he says while pausing to stop answer one of many new order calls.

After the commotion, he reached an agreement with the representatives of the American actor: he will only have to change the image of his logo but he will be able to continue using the name “Honey Gibson”.

While he removes the old labels and shuffles various options for a new logo, the honey orders accumulate on his cell phone and social networks, also collapsed with messages of encouragement.

The last few days he has not stopped filling jars of honey and had to resort to the annual production of a producer aunt in southern Chile to respond to a demand that has multiplied the volume of the business by 300.

So much has come that now he is considering whether to return to teaching or continue with the project, while he fantasizes about the idea of ​​creating a company with the advice he received these days and with his product “being on the table in Chile” and even from abroad. It has already received orders from Mexico and Brazil.

“The other day I had a dream at night. I dreamed that I had a store where not only had honeys but also had merchandising and an apron with a bee,” says the saleswoman.

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