USA :Indian Prime Minister’s Twitter account hacked

Tweets were sent from the Head of Government’s account, soliciting charitable cryptocurrency donations. These messages have since been withdrawn.

“We are aware of these facts and have taken steps to secure the hacked account. We are actively investigating these facts,” a Twitter spokesperson said.

The tech giant said it had no knowledge of the hijacking of other accounts.

In July, the Twitter accounts of dozens of personalities, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Barack Obama were the subject of a resounding hack.

Messages posted on the hacked accounts gave Internet users 30 minutes to send $ 1,000 in bitcoins in order to earn double that value in return.

False tweets had been sent from 45 personal and business accounts.

The hackers had also managed to access the direct mail boxes (DM) of 36 users and download the data of seven others, according to the social network.

The hackers had targeted a handful of employees via a phishing operation by phone, in order to obtain their credentials.

Twitter claimed that it could not establish a link between the hack of the Indian prime minister’s account and the one in mid-July.