USA :Nigeria: marriage turns into carnage in Kukum-Daji village

A couple in Nigeria saw what was to be the happiest day of their life turn into a nightmare on Sunday July 26. Armed men stormed into the party and killed several guests.

District administrative chief reports 18 dead and 30 injured

The massacre took place in the village of Kukum-Daji (Nigeria), Sunday July 26, during a wedding, reports Closer magazine. At around 10:35 p.m., armed men joined the party and opened fire on those present. The district administrative chief reported 18 deaths and 30 injuries, mostly young men.

The state police confirmed that there had been deaths, without giving the toll. “We do not yet have a precise figure of casualties,” said spokesperson Mohammed Jalinge.

It turns out that this region of Nigeria is marked by a long-standing conflict between Muslim ranchers and Christian farmers. In recent times, there has reportedly been an upsurge in deadly violence between the two groups. The authorities initiated a truce, which was apparently unsuccessful.

“The government and the security agencies let us down”

On condition of anonymity, a community leader in the area told The Cable news outlet that the Sunday night attack reportedly lasted almost an hour. “The shepherds came in a convoy of motorcycles and they were armed with guns,” he said. He said that villagers would be missing since this tragedy.

To end the deadly settling of scores, security forces have been deployed to the region. The community leader however indicated that the government and the security agencies would have let them down.

“People wonder why the government allows shepherds to move around freely with weapons…”, he regrets. The inhabitants therefore no longer know where to turn.

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