USA :Sharing children’s images on social media can lead to legal problems

Logroño, Aug 15 . .- The current practice of some parents of sharing photographs of their children on social networks may cause them legal problems in the future, since, upon reaching the age of majority, they may request that they be erased by having violated the right to their own image.

This is what Víctor Renobell, doctor in Sociology and professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), has told Efe, who warns of the legal consequences that the “overexposure of children” in networks like Facebook or Instagram.

The Anglicism “sharenting” comes from the fusion of the terms “share” (share) and “parenting” (paternity) and refers to the “overexposure of children” that some parents make when sharing photographs and videos of minors on the networks social.

He stressed that minors under 14 cannot have a profile on social networks, but, in many cases, it is their own parents who “hang” images, something that can “violate” their privacy.

Before publishing a picture of a minor, you must have the written consent of their parents, which has caused numerous disputes and lawsuits in divorce cases, he pointed out.

“Once the son reaches the age of majority, he has legal protection to ask his parents to delete from their social networks all the images that they have shared when the offspring were small, something that has already happened on Facebook,” he said Renobell.

However, he has found that “overexposure of privacy” is common on social networks, since most people share their summer vacations or trips in real time.

“With regard to society, if you have not shared photos of the last place you have visited, it seems that you have not been there”, this expert has reflected.

In addition, if someone advertises where he is at all times, it makes it easier for thieves to break into your home, something that has happened to several celebrities while on vacation, he reasoned.

On the other hand, it has warned that this proliferation of diffusion of intimate moments can lead to “psychological consequences” among minors, since the parents themselves can contribute to the fact that children suffer from school or cyber bullying.

“The children of celebrities, whose parents have exposed them from a very young age in the audiovisual media – he added – have to carry a backpack throughout their lives, just as some ‘youtubers’ currently develop their own lifestyle and they also do business at the expense of showing their children. “

One of these children “overexposed” in his childhood will have “very difficult” to achieve his anonymity in the future, has assured this teacher from UNIR.

For this reason, it has recommended that users of social networks “reflect” for a while before publishing an image and that they do so “with common sense”, after obtaining the consent of all the people who appear in that image.