USA :The closest Brazilian port to Europe will have a second maritime terminal

Recife (Brazil), Jul 30 (EFE) .- The Brazilian port of Pecem, the closest to Europe, began work on Thursday for the construction of a second maritime terminal with exclusive use for exports, which will operate under the same model of a free trade area of ​​the first opened in 2013.

The second Export Processing Zone (SPA) will be installed in a space of 240 hectares in the port located in the municipality of Sao Gonçalo de Amarante, in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará (northeast), and four kilometers away from the first terminal.

The Governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana, visited the works begun in the first module of the new terminal, which will have an extension of 23 hectares and from February of next year it will come into operation with new exporting companies, which will begin to install from this year.

With an initial investment of thirty million reais (about six million dollars), the first module is part of the program for the “resumption of the Ceará economy” after the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic, the governor said.

The regional government, in addition, committed to improve the access infrastructure and the provision of energy and aqueduct services in the new terminal with a total investment of approximately 1,300 million reais (about 254.9 million dollars).

The modules will be leased to companies for a period of twenty years, with the possibility of renewal for the same time.

The Zear Ceará, now with two terminals, is an “incentivized industrial district”, with a functioning similar to that of the free zones and that allows companies installed tax, administrative and exchange benefits to incentivize exports.

“The ZPE is a customs area controlled by the Receita Federal (treasury) and companies from all over the world are coming to export,” Santana said, quoted in a statement.

The first terminal, the only one in the country that operates under this free trade modality, houses three companies: Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecem (CSP), White Martins and Phoenix Pecem, which last year accounted for twelve million of the 18 million tons that moved the entire port.

The SPA’s billing in 2019 for logistics services was 48.93 million reais (about 9.5 million dollars), 6.17% more than 2018 revenue.

The president of the Zear Ceará, Mario Lima Júnior, stressed that the port of Pecem “meets port, road, communication, climate and geographical conditions” that allow it to compete in terms of exports with those of the South and Southeast regions, those of largest movement in the country.

The Pecem Complex is a “joint venture” formed by the Government of Ceará (70%) and the Dutch port of Rotterdam.

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