USA :The heat subsides although the alert persists in 9 communities, Andalusia in orange

Madrid, Jul 21 (EFE) .- The suffocating heat of the last days begins to subside, although nine communities are still on alert for high temperatures or storms, with special incidence in Andalusia, where there is an orange warning for highs of 40 degrees, reports the Meteorological Agency (Aemet) on its website.

Andalusia has activated the orange alert (significant risk) in the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén due to temperatures that will reach 40 degrees in the Cordovan countryside and in the Guadalquivir valley of Jaén; in Almería, Granada and Seville there is a yellow level due to heat between 38 and 39 degrees.

In the Community of Madrid the heat yellow level -36 degrees- persists throughout the metropolitan area, Las Vegas, south, west and El Henares, while in the Sierra area maximum temperatures of 34 degrees are expected.

Extremadura has a yellow warning with maximums of 39 degrees in the fertile plain of the Guadiana and in the Tajo-Alagón areas, and warns of storms in the Caceres plateau and in points of the Guadiana.

Castilla-La Mancha is in yellow level in all the provinces for values ​​that will oscillate between 38 degrees in the Tagus valley and in the Guadiana valley and 34 degrees in the Guadalajara mountains; Castilla y León, also on alert for heat in Ávila, Valladolid and Zamora, and for storms in Burgos, León and Soria.

In La Rioja and Aragon the yellow alert continues for heat between 34 and 36 degrees and for storms with the possibility of hail and strong gusts of wind.

Catalonia only maintains the warning for highs -36 degrees- in the central depression of Lleida.

The Aemet warns that with the orange alert there is a significant meteorological risk, with a certain degree of danger for the usual activities, and with the yellow alert there is no meteorological risk for the general population, although it does for some specific activity.

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