USA :The OCU warns that it will be difficult to comply with anticovid protocols at school

Madrid, Aug 19 . .- The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has warned this Wednesday of the difficulty of carrying out in schools one of the basic measures to prevent contagion by coronavirus: the limitation of capacity to groups of 15 to 20 students per class.

And it will be difficult, in his opinion, because the average capacity in a primary class is 23 students, as revealed by a recent survey carried out by the organization to 1,455 families during the current school year.

Specifically, the classes of 81% of Primary school children exceed 20 students, a percentage that increases to 96% in subsidized schools.

For this reason, just over two weeks after going back to school, OCU asks the educational authorities to clarify as soon as possible the planned security protocols.

The OCU considers that if the maximum capacity is to be limited, it is likely that schools will have to reinforce their teaching capacity, especially if they plan to enable new public spaces such as classes or are going to organize morning and afternoon shifts.

Other measures, proposed by the World Health Organization and by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, and recalled by the OCU, could involve regular disinfection and ventilation of classrooms; taking the temperature of students and teaching staff; the separation of at least one meter between desks, adapting the school to favor frequent hand washing and the use of masks by teachers and students.

In addition, given the risk of confinement of students in their homes, OCU believes that it would be vital to urgently reinforce the technological training of teachers and students, and provide them with the available material resources.

According to another survey by the organization, one in three primary school children did not receive online classes in the last three months of the school year.