USA :They find the bodies of 10 of the 13 people washed away by a river in Panama

Panama, Aug 9 (EFE) .- Panamanian authorities found this Sunday the lifeless bodies of ten people who were dragged by a swollen river in the west of the country and are looking for three others who remain missing.

“Our @SENANPanama team recovered 10 dead bodies and we are still looking for 3 more people,” reported the president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, through Twitter, and expressed his “condolences to the entire family and community” for this tragedy.

According to information from the local media, the thirteen people were sleeping in their home, located very close to the Bejuco river, when they were swept away by a flood of the flow.

Until now, no details have been given on the identity and age of the deceased and disappeared disappeared in this incident, which took place in the Calovebora area of ​​the Veraguas province.

The search operation is headed by the National Civil Protection Service (Sinaproc), which relied on the National Aeronaval Service (Senan) because the scene of the event is in an area of ​​difficult access.

This “makes land transfer difficult and the rivers are swollen, so we have ruled out using boats” and the transfer is being done by air, said the head of the relief agency, Carlos A. Rumbo.

The relief agency recalled that in Panama a warning of prevention “due to rains, with electrical activity and gusts of wind over the country is in force until August 10.”

Given the forecasts, Sinaproc recommended as preventive measures to monitor minors and older adults, evacuate to high areas if there are flood risks, stay away from power lines and do not try to cross swollen rivers.

Sinaproc reported that “heavy” rains have caused “damage to 30 homes” in the Caribbean province of Colón in the last few hours, with no record of victims.

For this Sunday the authorities have warned of the passage of a new tropical wave, so showers with electrical discharges are expected in different areas of Panama this morning and afternoon.

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