USA :Venezuela exceeds 21,000 cases of COVID-19 and reaches 187 deaths

Caracas, Aug 4 (EFE) .- Venezuela reported on Tuesday 684 new infections from COVID-19 with seven deaths, as the total cases amounted to 21,438 with 187 deaths, reported the vice president of the South American country, Delcy Rodríguez.

“We report that in the last 24 hours, 632 new cases of community transmission have been detected, in addition to 52 imported cases totaling 684 new infections,” Rodríguez said on Twitter after completing the daily meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Control of COVID- 19, which presides.

Likewise, the Venezuelan vice president pointed out, always on Twitter, that the city of Caracas today added 181 cases and remains the epicenter of the pandemic in the country.

In the Venezuelan capital, explained the official, the virus circulates “in all parishes”, so she called on citizens “to discipline and conscience” to avoid contagion.

“COVID-19 is circulating and the effective way to combat it is to stay home … we must comply for the health of all,” he said.

The western state of Zulia – border with Colombia – and the central state of Miranda, near Caracas, were the other regions where the highest contagions were reported this Tuesday, with 175 and 112, respectively.

Rodríguez also said that despite the “blockade and the persecution” against the country, the Government of Nicolás Maduro has “managed to carry out 1,561,272 tests, which means 52,042 tests per million inhabitants,” a figure that, he asserted, “represents the highest figure in Latin America. “

Venezuela is going through the week 21 of a quarantine that started on March 16, when the first contagions were detected, although sometimes the restrictions are partially lifted for 7 days to allow “a breather to the economy”, has reached say President Maduro.

Venezuela calls this strategy of combining a week of “radical quarantine” with another partial opening of trade as “7 + 7”, although Efe has confirmed that on the days marked as the closure of the economy many businessmen and citizens defy the quarantine without that there are criminal consequences.

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