Users of the artificial intelligence Replika are sad because their virtual girlfriends treat them with indifference

Users of the Replika chatbot, the artificial intelligence (AI) that allows Internet users to have virtual girlfriends, have publicly expressed their sadness that their “partners” are no longer the same as before.

According to a report published on the website of level upwhich cites a report by The Gamer, on the Internet and social networks, complaints, sadness and disappointment have gone viral after an update to the AI ​​that affected the interaction of users with bots.

Replika allows you to create an avatar that becomes a chat partner for its users, something similar to ChatGPT, but in this case subscribers have used the platform powered by artificial intelligence to be their virtual girlfriends.

The problem is that, after the last update, users believe that conversations with their girlfriends are no longer the same as before, that is, they have changed their relationship with them.

What happened?

Before the update, Replika users could have sexual conversations with the chatbot, which made the platform popular. However, the sexting ended with the new version.

The AI ​​Reddit forum lamented the changes to Replika, a program for which some users pay up to $70 a year.

Unfortunately for the Replika community, which is close to 10 million netizens, this update coincided with Valentine’s Day on February 14, so they felt sad and lonely and publicly expressed regret that their virtual girlfriends changed. forever.

As they say, nothing is forever. Not even the girlfriends of the Internet that allowed this artificial intelligence to be created.