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It lost about half of its fuel.

He Atacama Large Millimeter Array, better known as SOUL, located in ChileIt is one of the most complete astronomical projects that space agencies have. Then, from their facilities, a group of scientists manages to observe the death of a galaxy. They expressed that this distant region is expelling almost half of its star-forming gas. The process was known. However, it had never been registered.

« Galaxies begin to ‘die’ when they stop forming stars. But so far astronomers they had never clearly glimpsed the beginning of this process in a distant galaxy« They wrote from the portal of the European Space Observatory (ESO).

They detail on the specialized site that the rate of ejection of the star-forming gas is impressive. « Approximately 10,000 soles of gas per year, » they explained. Scientists’ theories suggest that the event responsible for this event was a collision with another galaxy.

A distant galaxy

The amount of cold gas that is removing this never before recorded event is specified at 46%. At the same time that one of the regions dies from the collision, two galaxies merge and one is formed that they identify with the name ID2299. They say that this gas is forming stars in processes that exceed hundreds of times the speed of our Milky Way.

The researchers of this event relate it to a crash, thanks to a phenomenon they call: Tidal Tail. « Tidal tails are elongated streams of stars and gas that extend into interstellar space that result when two galaxies merge, » they explained.

These tidal tails are generally too faint to see in such a distant galaxy. However, thanks to SOUL they managed to notice the typical bright characteristic spreading through space.

Finally, as Slash Gear highlights, based on the light it radiates, the gas it accumulates, and the rest of the components, scientists compare this collision with the same universe when it was 4.5 billion years old.

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