Valencia CF: Parejo’s saddest return to Paterna in nine years before going to Villarreal

Valencia CF starts this Monday with the firm decision of the club and about to close its exit like Coquelin

Parejo arriving at Mestalla to play a game. Sanz BRAND

Dani Parejo starts his tenth preseason with Valencia, although it will almost be testimonial. Will do in conditions that are far from the above. In some I know that it could change, but this smells final. If on other occasions it was the player who needed a change and wanted to abandon the Valencian discipline, this time the one who wants is the property.

Madrid midfielder The 2011 preseason has already started because he had played the European with Spain. He got up halfway through the preparation and it cost him his thing to get into the dynamics of a demanding club like Valencia. He was barely 22 years old.

Equal has lived situations of all kinds, good and bad, which have been used to tanning as a professional throughout these nine years. And this Monday starts a new exercise with the black and white club. Be the tenth.

This is very particular. Just as there have been exercises in which the Parejo was far from clear to continue dressing as a Valencian player because the projects were not clear In addition to not living a personal-professional phase in the club that will invite you to put your five senses, this time the plot of this story changes completely. It is not the player who forces him to leave … but it is the club that has invited him to leave.

To even he has two years left on his contract. Is in the first salary scale, is 31 years old And since their decision is not to leave, faced with the club’s position of strength, it will be the player who has the last word. Why wants similar conditions and a number of select clubs to go to. In fact, Villarreal is the best positioned and even the medium may already have an agreement at the expense of the clubs being forced to speak due to time constraints at some point.

Is the situation is going to get tense for the next few days especially for Javi Grace at day by day of the team with what the club will try to close as soon as possible the operation that is more than directed with Villarreal. The one who will lead the same path will also be Francis Coquelin.

The Figures that are around for the double transfer do not reach anywhere near 20 million euros which means that both players are not part of the team’s day to day in its new stage in which both do not count.

First in Valencia. She arrives later because the European has played with the U21. It is a small disadvantage in a team made. It is difficult for him to enter with Unai Emery .Season, the first, very irregular and with ups and downs.

Starts with Djukic. He came from a spectacular end with Valverde, but it takes a lot to start with the Serbian since Parejo is sanctioned on the first day by yellow in the 38 of the previous one. Djukic puts him aside throughout that preseason because he focuses on the first league game with the troops he has and then it costs him a lot to play with the coach.

Of uncertainty before we start but see what Nuno convinces him to be one of the props of the team. The union between the technician and the player is total. In fact, Nuno is the one who ends up renewing Parejo because of the commitment that the Portuguese acquired. Total feeling. Important role player.

Nothing comfortable after what happened the previous year with a constant revolution in the team. Parejo starts with Pako Aiestarn but with the idea of ​​leaving Valencia. You want to go to Seville with which you have an agreement. Even refuses to train with the team for several days as a measure of pressure but Valencia won’t let him go and he has to stay. He had to make a public apology for that attitude.

It begins with many doubts. In those comes Marcelino Garca Toral… but Parejo has war wounds from the past that have made him lose his illusion. It is the Asturian technician the one that changes Dani’s way of thinking during that preseason. From wanting to go back to being the flagship … with his two best campaigns as a Valencian player since then.

It is the change. Not that Parejo wants to go. It’s the club that wants him to go and tells him that he does not enter the future project. Quite the opposite of what happened on other occasions.