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The Riot Games game has reported the news that will arrive soon.

Fans of Riot Games And the shooters are in luck, because the company has announced interesting news that will arrive very soon at Valorant. The first-person shooter action game came out last year, and the company’s commitment is to keep adding content little by little. Now, we have learned new information from the Episode 2 and the new agent that joins: Yoru.

Valorant Episode 2 is coming to Europe next January 13th and the big surprise is the inclusion of a new character, Yoru. It is an aggressive Japanese and expert in deception, and he likes to infiltrate stealthily. So that you can know if you are interested in the new agent, we leave you below his skills, so that you know in detail what to expect from it.

ValorantC – Deception: Equip an echo that mimics the sound of footsteps when activated. Shoot to activate it and send it forward. Toggles the trigger mode to place the echo on site. It uses the idle echo to send it forward.
E – Infiltration: Equip to prepare a bond of rifts. Shoot to launch it forward. Toggles the shooting mode to place it on the spot. Active to teleport to the location of the link.
Q – Blind Spot: Equip to rip an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. Fire to launch the shard, triggering a flash that charges on impact with a solid surface.
X – Interdimensional Travel: Equip a mask that allows you to see between dimensions. Shoot to enter Yoru’s dimension. Enemies outside won’t be able to see you or hurt you.
Image by Valorant

“We wanted Yoru to be an agent who could generate great moments throughout games. The kind of rounds where, if all goes well, the player feels like the best in the world. […] We were inspired by the archetype of bad boy rebellious, the kind of person who is gratifying to hate “, has indicated John goscicki, character product manager.

Additionally, players will be able to purchase the Ashes Package, which will contain special designs of different weapons. There will also be a new Battle Pass which will include “12 weapon skins, a melee weapon skin, weapon charms, player cards, graffiti, and titles.” In addition to Valorant, Riot Games continues to develop LoL: Wild Rift and we have learned that this game will receive two champions per month in 2021.

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