Vegeta in Ultra Ego is a sexy warrior in this cosplay that shows an alternate reality from Dragon Ball Super

The Ultra Ego separates the paths of Goku and Vegeta for the first time in their fight to be the strongest warrior in Dragon Ball. Until before this appearance, the two Saiyans came in the same line of Super Saiyan transformations.

But when Goku achieved Ultra Instinct, Vegeta discovered a new path unexplored by any of the Z Fighters that had appeared in the series.

The dogma of this transformation is quite dangerous, as it is known to be what Gods of Destruction, such as Beerus, use. So, when someone executes it, it means that the person does not have any feelings for his loved ones, planets or existence.

The premise is power during a battle. It doesn’t matter the adversary or what a villain has done in the past.

Vegeta is just beginning to walk this path and we have already seen how far the Saiyan prince is capable of going when he is under this technique. His power, at times, is capable of surpassing Goku’s in Ultra Instinct.

Female version of Vegeta in Ultra Ego

Elia Fery combined all the elements of the transformation to put together a cosplay in her own female version. The blue suit, the white gloves, the purple hair and even the aura of the same hue appear in the interpretation.

The cosplay is so good that the model incorporated tears and bumps into her skin with makeup, to show that this Vegeta had been in a brutal battle.