Vera Farmiga publishes her new look in ‘Hawkeye’ – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Photo: Vera Farmiga shared a first look at her outfit in the series ‘Hawkeye’ / .

Vera farmiga has posted a new video of the set of ‘Hawkeye’ where a glimpse of the character he will play in the series is shown.

As part of the new projects of Marvel studios, ‘Hawkeye’ will see Jeremy renner resume his role of MCU as Clint barton, this time on the small screen, with the next tv series produced by Marvel studios and Disney.

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Due to the sanitary situation, the development of ‘Hawkeye’ was delayed for a while, there were no official updates on the cast names until filming had begun, highlighting the name of Hailee steinfeld, who will play Kate bishop in the series.

Some time later it became known that Vera farmiga would also be joining the cast of the series, playing Eleanor Bishop, the mother of Kate, and now the first glimpse of Farmiga in his first role in the MCU.

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The character he will play Farmiga has an interesting history in the comics, for a time it was thought that she was dead, while Kate she was raised by her father. It was later revealed that she was alive and working quietly for the villain, Madame masque, a character that has already been featured in the MCU through ‘Agent Carter’ and is rumored to appear in ‘Hawkeye’.

The new series of Disney +, ‘Hawkeye’ be released at the end of 2021.

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