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In March 2021, the Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Celebration will begin. Capcom wants to celebrate and one of the ways they will do so is with a new multiplayer project. His name is Resident Evil Re: Verse

First shown at the Resident Evil Showcase, Resident Evil Re: Verse arrives as a multiplayer project that will bring together iconic characters from the franchise. That is, in battles between 4 and 6 players you can visit iconic places to have battles like Leon Kennedy; Nemesis or even Jack Baker.

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Capcom promises that each of the characters in Resident Evil Re: Verse will have unique abilities that you will have to learn to master in order to succeed. In case you fail and fall defeated, then you will reappear as a weapon that can take revenge on those who eliminated it.

Something that has caught the attention of Resident Evil Re: Verse is that it has comic-style graphics. In this way, it is shaping up to be a project with a very distinctive visual section within the franchise.

You can see it in action below:

Where can I play Resident Evil Re: Verse?

In case you are interested in playing Resident Evil Re: Verse, you should know that Capcom has already confirmed which platforms it will reach.

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This multiplayer project will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you have a next-generation console, you should know that you can play it on it thanks to backward compatibility. It is important to note that Resident Evil Re: Verse will be free for all players who purchase Resident Evil Village. It is unknown what its separate price will be.

You can use heroes and villainsYou can use heroes and villains

Resident Evil Re: Verse currently has no release date.

And to you, what did you think of Resident Evil Re: Verse? Will you give it a chance when it comes out? tell us in the comments.

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