Very seriously injured when being run over while crossing a pedestrian crossing in Villa de Vallecas

A pedestrian has been seriously injured this Tuesday when he was hit by a car at a zebra crossing in Villa de Vallecas, near the La Gavia shopping center, as reported by Emergencias Madrid.

Sira was rescued from the tunnels of the M-30 in Madrid by the Municipal Police.

The event took place in the street of Peñaranda de Bracamonte around 10 a.m.. Due to the virulence of the accident, the victim, aged between 45 and 50, has been displaced several meters.

Two Civil Guard officers have been the first to attend to the man, who has been badly injured on the road. Officials have quickly notified emergency services.

Samur-Civil Protection toilets have been displaced to the place, which have stabilized the pedestrian in the place of the hit. The first medical examination has shown that a severe head injury. After being stabilized and intubated, the pedestrian was transferred with a very serious prognosis to the Gregorio Marañón Hospital.

The driver of the vehicle involved in the event had to be treated by a Samur psychologist due to the nervousness that he presented after the event.

The reports team of the Municipal Police of Madrid has taken charge of the investigation of the incident to clarify the causes of it.

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