Vicente Fernández releases album and celebrates his 80

Vicente Fernández has declared on more than one occasion that singing is his vice, so although he has been retired from the stage since that unforgettable night of April 16, 2016 at the Azteca Stadium, the connection he achieved with the public is not extinguished. And as he always said on his successful nights: « as long as the audience doesn’t stop clapping, I won’t stop singing. »

Now he does it through the musical production, A mis 80’s, which will premiere today to celebrate eight decades of life, and which is distinguished by concentrating the history he has made in music, accompanied by other talents (such as Roberto Cantoral, Alberto Aguilera Valadez, Álvaro Carrillo and Agustín Lara), who shared their sensitivity.

“Today is a very important day for my father, and I want to start by telling you that life is a set of experiences and learnings; I have had the good fortune to have the best guide and teacher by my side since I was born ”, expressed Alejandro Fernández as he congratulated Chente on the premiere of his album.

“As a son, I send you a huge hug from a heart full of love; and as an artist, I celebrate the first 80 years of a legacy that will remain forever in the Mexican public ”, added El Potrillo when congratulating his father.

Produced by Francisco Javier Ramírez López, the new material from El Charro de Huentitán projects the vocal quality that distinguishes him and for what he has become an example for his heirs, Alejandro and Álex, his grandson; and also for a large group of singers and composers, who without necessarily being of the ranchero genre recognize its scope.

His grandson Alex follows in his footsteps on the ranch, even with his advice, and appreciates teaching on and off stage. “Hello, Tata, I just want to tell you how proud I am of you as a grandfather and as an artist, I am grateful to God for having the fortune to have you as a teacher and to have started my career with you. I want to congratulate you on this album that you are putting out, I wish you all the success in the world and I love you very much, « he said.

Reyli Barba also added to the congratulations, who highlighted his admiration for the singer, but above all his gratitude for having recorded one of his compositions. “Don Vicente Fernández, the best of all, the greatest, I have a lot of appreciation and affection for him; I am grateful that he has recorded a song for me, it was always my dream, my father told me: ‘The day Vicente Fernández records you that day you will begin to be an author’, and I already have that privilege, which for me is a miracle. Long live, Don Vicente, may you celebrate these 80 as you deserve ”.

The new musical material began with « Ya no insiste corazón », and today he premieres « When you tell me »; in addition, it is made up of classics such as « Mexico, beautiful and dear, » « Luz de luna » and « Se me olvidó otra vez », with which Vicente has not only conquered the public, but also his colleagues, who added to the recognition, like Edith Márquez and José Luis and Raúl de Río Roma.

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