Víctor Manuelle gets married: Who is his wife?

Víctor Manuelle gets married: Who is his wife?


Victor Manuelle is officially a married man.

Víctor Manuelle announced that he married Frances Franco, with whom he had had a consolidated love relationship for thirteen years. The singer announced the news through a post on his official profile on Instagram.

“After 13 years of living together, today I announce that I made one of the most important decisions of my life. I married this wonderful woman who decided to accept me and share our lives for the rest of our days. @ francesfranco17 “, the American star pointed out on her Instagram account.

The 52-year-old performer went on to mention that he had not been married before: “EXCLUSIVEOOOOOO! In case you have any doubts, I had never married before. “

Personalities such as Luis Fonsi, Julián Gil, Olga Tañón and Noel Schajris reacted to the singer’s publication with messages full of good vibes: “CONGRATULATIONS family. I love you very much ”,“ Long live those Boyfriends !!!! You married your best friend… She is the most that girl… Wise choice… I love you ”,“ Congratulations! Many blessings for both of you ”,“ What a beauty, I love you very much… The perfect couple. I always loved and admired their relationship… Take care and love each other very much. Blessings”.

For her part, Frances Franco dedicated an emotional message to Víctor Manuelle on her official Instagram account: “And at this moment, I assure you, there is no happier woman in the world than me. God the center of our union ”.

Franco is a renowned Puerto Rican public relationsist and through his official channel on the YouTube platform he echoes Tourette’s Syndrome with a documentary based on the life of his nephew.

Through his profile on Instagram, Franco has been seen accompanying Víctor Manuelle in the most important commitments of his outstanding artistic career. Currently, the couple resides in Puerto Rico.

In the month of February 2020, Frances Franco and Víctor Manuelle starred in rumors of an imminent separation. However, the singer preferred to stay away from offering any kind of statement in this regard.

In the past, Víctor Manuelle had a romantic relationship with the Puerto Rican actress and television presenter Roselyn Sánchez and with Edna Lisboa, mother of one of his daughters.

In September 2010, the American singer and Lisbon sympathized before a Puerto Rican court for the custody of their daughter.

Víctor Manuelle is the father of three children, the result of the love relationships he had in the past: Yanishka Mar Ruiz, Kinaysha Mar Ruiz and Víctor Manuelle Ruiz. Despite having a consolidated love relationship with Frances Franco, the couple are not parents of any child in common.

Víctor Manuel Ruiz Velázquez, known artistically as Víctor Manuelle, is one of the most representative personalities in the genre of salsa in Spanish-speaking music. Throughout his artistic career, the singer has released around eighteen musical albums that have been successfully positioned in sales worldwide.

With his charisma and indisputable talent, the American musician has managed to perform on the most imposing stages in the world in the presence of thousands of fans who have been fascinated with each of his musical themes.

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