Victoria Monet is going to be a mom!


Singer Victoria Monet surprised her Instagram followers on December 5, 2020 by revealing that she is going to be a mom.

Singer Victoria Monet, a singer-songwriter who wrote Ariana Grande’s hit songs “Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings,” revealed on Instagram that she is pregnant.

Monet captioned the pregnancy photos: “I am very happy to share that I was promoted to the title right above Queen… Mom. Two hearts beat inside of me now… That’s more love. Two brains and two souls… that’s a lot of power. “

“This is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t wait to meet my little soul mate from the earth’s side!”

Monet ended his announcement with a letter for his future son. She wrote:

“To my baby, I thank you for choosing me as your mom! The core of me supports your life right now, and soon your life will be my core! I hold my head high with the confidence that you already give me. You are the best of me and I promise to protect you and be the best version of myself for you in every way, always. Hold my pinky in the grip of your little fingers until we can hold hands and walk through this world together, rain or shine. You’re mine forever. I have you.”

Monet, who has also written songs for Fifth Harmony and TI, did not reveal how she got pregnant or if she will be raised together with a partner. She is openly bisexual.

Here’s what you need to know about Victoria Monet:

Monet is rumored to be dating Kehlani

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Monet, who told the UK Gay Times that he decided to come out as bisexual in 2018 after he “literally fell in love with a girl,” is rumored to be dating fellow singer and collaborator Kehlani. On October 8, Monet and Kehlani released a remix of the song “Touch Me,” which is on Monet’s debut solo album, Jaguar.

The track only added fire to the dating rumors, as the song’s lyrics recall a romantic meeting in the back of a car and paint a picture of how two lovers meet again.

The final lyrics of the song are sung by both women: “If you love me, teach me.” Even more telling, when Monet posted about the song on Twitter, she wrote, “@Kehlani, how nice to finally have music WITH YOU and not just about you.”

When “Touch Me” was first released over the summer, Monet explained that the song is exclusively about a woman. She told Apple Music in an interview, “’Touch Me’ is one of the only songs where you can hear me sing a different pronoun. I say “girl”, I say “she”. It was very important for me to share that and make that statement. “

Monet sings about his sexuality in his song with Grande, “Monopoly”

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In the song, “Monopoly,” a duet with Grande, Monet sings in the chorus: “I like women and I like men. This was the first time that she put her true feelings of her sexuality into her work.

“Because I’m really feminine, a lot of people would assume that either I like women because of some weird fantasy, or that I’m straight and if I get drunk enough I’d kiss a girl, and all these little stereotypes that people portray and project on you. about you, ”he told the UK Gay Times. “But I’m glad that now there is this song where there is no confusion because I said it clearly, I’m not trying to hide it all. I think it was a very good thing for me to be able to break free and let people know. “

Monet fans were thrilled to find out that the singer is pregnant and other celebrities posted congratulatory messages

After Monet shared photos that revealed her tummy, fans filled her comment section on Instagram and Twitter with expressions of joy. Other celebrities including Khalid, Wes Armstrong, and Jude Demorest shared congratulatory messages and noted how beautiful the photos of her pregnancy were.


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