Videl transforms into Supergirl in a spectacular fan art made by a Chilean illustrator

The Flash trailer exceeded any expectations that DC Comics fans had about the release of the film that stars Ezra Miller.

Obviously the appearance of the multiverse represented by two versions of Batman (Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton) is the high point of the advance, but the appearance of Supergirl was a balm for those who want to see the extended universe of the publishing house grow.

The scope of the trailer has been so great that Geek culture in general turned to generating content related to what we will see on June 16, 2023, the day Flash is released.

One of the examples comes from the Chilean illustrator Salvamakoto. The designer, who always amazes us with quite creative drawings, comes with a crossover between Supergirl and Dragon Ball Z.

More specific: it made Videl become the character Sasha Calle is going to play in DC Comics.

Videl as Supergirl

In the past we have seen Videl in a super hero outfit being one of the two Great Saiyaman. Unfortunately, the stories of Akira Toriyama did not develop the adventures of Mister Satan, who inside him keeps an impressive power, within the levels that a human can reach in Dragon Ball.

Therefore, it is not at all unreasonable that the crossover with DC Comics places her as a variant of Supergirl.

“I think that in the series a little more space and chapters could be given to Gohan and Videl’s superhero dynamics after the victory against Majin Buu,” Salvamakoto rightly wrote in his Instagram post, which highlighted the people of Spaghetti Code.

The followers of the Chilean illustrator did not miss the similarities that both characters may have. “Videl looks a lot like the new Supergirl in the Flash trailer,” read one of the comments.