VIDEO | Message of hope sends Rude Boy to Hondurans affected by Eta

Rude Boy Eta
Rude Boy is originally from El Progreso, Yoro, and has seen how friends and family were affected by Eta.

UNITED STATES. A message of support and encouragement sent the Honduran singer, Rude Boy, a resident of the United States, to all Hondurans affected by the floods caused by tropical depression Eta, especially in the Sula Valley, in the north.

Through his personal Instagram account, the catracho shared a video where he improvised a song to fill his Honduran brothers with hope.

In his lyrics, Rude Boy recalled that after the “hurricane comes calm.” “With this song I say present to encourage those who need it most,” wrote the interpreter in Instagram.

In the same way, he added: “We must re-emerge in us the feeling of helping others today for you, tomorrow for me,” he contextualized.

It should be noted that Rude Boy is originally from El Progreso, Yoro, and has seen how friends and family turned out affected by Eta.

On the other hand, Rude Boy also urged Hondurans to donate food, clothing, and financial aid to all the people who had to leave their homes.

It should be pointed out that Eta’s passage through the country caused the authorities to issue a national red alert. According to the Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECO), more than 1.6 million Hondurans were affected by this tropical depression.

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Farruko sends a message of solidarity to Honduras

Before Eta entered the national territory, the Puerto Rican singer, Farruko, expressed solidarity with Honduras and the other countries of Central America, and asked for strength so that God would take care of everyone before the arrival of Hurricane Eta.

“Strength for my people from Central America,” wrote the Puerto Rican on his Twitter account, letting all his fans know that he is aware of the situation.

The 29-year-old “reggaetonero” has acknowledged having a special attachment to Honduras, a place that he has visited on several occasions. However, it acknowledges that his favorite place in the country is one of the islands.

Farruko has performed a couple of times in Tegucigalpa and once in La Ceiba, but also in his last album entitled “Gangalee” he dedicated a song to Roatán, Islas de la Bahía.

Like the municipality, the song is called “Roatán” and its video has more than a million views on YouTube.

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