Councilor Violeta Ávila de Manta, Ecuador. Photo by @agustinintriago

Violeta Ávila, councilor of a municipality in Ecuador, assured that COVID-19 is not fatal and that people did not have to wear face masks

Violet Avila, councilor from the municipality of Manta, Ecuador, died of complications associated with COVID-19 after discouraging the use of mouth covers as a preventive measure and to ensure that respiratory disease “is not fatal”.

In statements released by local media, Ávila assured that “this coronavirus disease is not fatal” as it has a case fatality rate of only 2 percent.

They do not have to be using the masks in the spirit of prevention because it is not necessary and you are spending money, “he said.

Instead he advised consuming oranges, lemons, and citrus fruits. On May 6, the councilor entered the General Hospital of the Ecuadorian Security Institute for a respiratory condition.

Although he did not confirm that Violet Avila COVID-19 suffered, the municipality of Manta expressed its most sincere condolences for the death of the official, which occurred on the morning of May 19.

Until this May 22, in Ecuador 26 thousand 872 cases of COVID-19 and 3 thousand 056 deaths are registered.

Meanwhile, in the municipality of Blanket 359 infections and 95 deaths have occurred.

With information from El Comercio and López-Dóriga Digital