[Video] The global trend that social networks censored: #FilmYouHospital (film your hospital), which the US made disappear with the famous “Shadow Banning”

Shadow ban, also known as shadow banning or ghost banning, happens when a user is blocked from a platform, without him knowing or being informed of the rejection situation, seeking to get him away from the community by not seeing responses to his comments or opinions, without having to throw it out of it. Reddit, WeChat and Twitter are some of the companies that have implemented this strategy.

For some time now, the version that the Shadowban has reached Instagram has circulated, and that it has directly affected certain accounts or even that the agencies give the order to hide.

You may believe or not believe, but it happens more often than you think, in Chile the tendencies against Sebastián Piñera were made, where untilgs mysteriously disappeared in allusion to him as # PiñeraAssino or # RenunciaPiñera

This time the US did it blatantly with a hastags that was giving the government of Donald Trump a lot of problems and that apparently they chose to perform the famous Shadow Banning.

We leave you the video and as we always say… You judge!

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