Vigor confirms its arrival on Xbox Series X and the inclusion of new content in Season 6

Bohemia has confirmed the availability of the game on Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

Bohemia Interactive has confirmed the availability of Vigor for Xbox Series X and S, available since the launch of the new consoles. The game will also come to PS5, as was already confirmed, so the experience of this online multiplayer shooter developed by those responsible for the ArmA saga will continue to be active in the near future. Both systems will take advantage of the improvements, such as resolution 4K or auto-HDR.

Vigor’s arrival on Xbox also serves as the starting point for the game’s sixth season. As indicated by Bohemian, the new stage of the proposal includes the arrival of a new map called Anikken, plus nightly versions of current maps, along with new weapons and tools. In the new arsenal highlights the sawed-off shotgun, a combat knife, a decoy, among other novelties. You can see the content in action in the trailer that we leave you on these lines.

The Junkers are the protagonists of the sixth season of Vigor, invading outsiders who defend themselves with heavy armor, and who also have disruptive towers that deactivate their signal, being certainly unpredictable.

In case you didn’t know him, Vigor is a looter-shooter which is committed to a post-apocalyptic setting after a nuclear war that occurred in an alternative 90s. There are already 5 million players and with the new content and the jump to the new generation they intend to continue increasing the numbers.

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