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Fernando Damien

Mexico City / 02.21.2021 09:52:26

Ricardo Monreal, Morena coordinator in the Senate, will present a bill to strengthen mechanisms for the prevention of violence against women given the exacerbation of this problem during the covid-19 pandemic.

“It is especially necessary to adapt legislative measures as a response to the crisis that we are going through worldwide, since covid-19 exacerbated one of the most abominable evils that afflict our society and that unfortunately increases day by day: violence against women. women ”, he specified.

Monreal pointed out that violence against women increased during the period of confinement due to the pandemic and the National Public Security System recorded in the first semester of 2020 a total of 489 femicides, as well as 1,443 intentional homicides of women, that is, 1,932 murdered.

In the same period, the National Human Rights Commission received 82 complaints of gender violence and workplace harassment.

The legislator highlighted the need to strengthen the obligations of public servants to be permanently trained on the various types, modalities, causes and consequences of violence against women, regardless of whether or not its function is linked to the administration and administration of justice.

The draft reforms to the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence provides for the obligation of public servants of the different levels of government to receive ongoing education and training on the human rights of women.

It also considers making visible, raising awareness, sensitizing and reproducing behaviors in the exercise of public functions to eradicate systematic violence against girls and women in all its aspects.

« It is about guaranteeing safe work environments for women, in which the functions of each position are carried out with strict adherence to the protection of their freedom, integrity and dignity, » he said.

Reform in education

Additionally, in a second initiative, Monreal will propose an amendment to the General Education Law with the purpose of including the understanding of Mexican sign language and the Braille system in school education, as well as in the contents of the study plans and programs. of the education that the State imparts.

He stressed the importance of “opening the way” so that all students can learn and develop in any aspect, without being excluded or discriminated against, in addition to guaranteeing an inclusive education, in which barriers to learning and participation are eliminated.


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